Baseus S-16 Bluetooth 5.0 FM transmitter 2x USB car charger AUX MP3 TF micro SD 3.1 A black (CCTM-F01)

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Baseus T typed S-16 wireless MP3 car charger - FM transmitter Listening to music broadcast on the radio tires and tires you? Do you have your own hits that you like to listen to while traveling? The Baseus FM transmitter was designed for all those who value free access to their favorite songs, also while driving. In addition, the gadget will allow you to conveniently answer or make calls, so that talking "behind the wheel" is safe and legal. It allows you to transmit sound to the car radio via FM waves. In addition, it is also a charger for smartphones and other electronic devices. In addition to phone audio, you can also play music from a micro SD card (maximum capacity 32 GB). And not only on a straight road, but also on bumps, sharp turns and speed bumps. This is due to the design of the gadget - elongated and non-slip. A perfect match for the socket. Specification: Brand: Baseus Compatibility: Android / iOS Wireless system: 5.0 Material: PC + ABS TF card capacity: 32 Max Volume: 85db (FM: 65db) Frequency: 2.4GHz Input voltage: DC 12-24V USB charging port output: 5V-2.1A Multi-function port output: 5V-1A Total output power: 5V / 3 1A Max Wireless distance: 10m Transmission distance: 5m FM transmission frequency: 87.5-108MHz MP3 size: 65 x 32 x 13.09mm Charger size: 27.56x27.56x50.33mm Personal radio station Your radio station is ready to plug in right out of the box. All you have to do is plug one part into the socket and the other part, for example, to the dashboard at eye level. And it's ready! The AUX cable allows you to directly connect the gadget to the car radio to avoid interference or noise. The sound is transmitted by FM waves. Maximum comfort of use The manufacturer made sure that the method of assembly and adjustment of the gadget gives the user full freedom. Because: you can attach it in a convenient place on the dashboard and operate it without bowing your head or taking your eyes off the road, has an independent plug (double USB input) for charging the phone, has a clearly visible (also at night), readable LED screen, which displays the voltage on the car's battery or the FM frequency on which the transmitter transmits. Answering the phone Thanks to the built-in microphone and synchronization with the phone, you can conduct each incoming call via the transmitter. You can pick them up with one click, and if you click and hold a little longer, the conversation will end. The quality of the connection is high as the system cleans up any interference or noise. The entire operation is possible with one hand, without taking your eyes off the road. Not only listening to music and answering calls The transmitter will also work well as a charger for electronic devices - two USB ports enable parallel charging of two smartphones. The maximum output current can reach 3.1 A, which means much faster charging than with traditional chargers. Battery voltage indicator The LED screen presents information about the voltage on the car battery. A device connected to the socket is automatically detected by the car as soon as the engine is started. It presents the following values: normal voltage - 13.6V to 14.8V (when the car starts), normal voltage - 12.2V to 12.8V (when the car is not moving), voltage too low - below 12V (repair needed). Compatibility The transmitter plays music from the phone or memory card. The accepted audio file formats are MP3 / APE / WAV / FLAC / WMA. The sound quality of the Hi-Fi system guarantees a unique driving experience. It is designed for owners of passenger cars, vans, SUVs and other 12-24V models. Installation Place the transmitter in the cigarette lighter charging socket. Set an empty FM frequency on the car radio and transmitter. Turn on bluetooth on your phone and connect to the S-16. After a successful connection, you can start listening to the music from the transmitter.