Crong 3D Armour Glass Huawei P40 + installation frame

399 Kč * Uváděná cena platí pro 24.03.2023
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3D Armour Glass is a special protective glass adapted to protect the screen in the latest Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei smartphones. Its structure is 4 times stronger than ordinary glass and offers increased resistance to edge cracking. Crong's tempered glass protects the entire touch screen surface with rounded edges, not just the flat part of the phone's display. Armour Glass transmits as much as 92%25 of light, which preserves the original quality of the displayed image. The extremely smooth oleophobic surface also offers high responsiveness when scrolling the screen and writing messages. Included with the glass is a dedicated installation frame that allows you to mount the glass in a simple and precise way the first time. Product features: · MOUNTING FRAME included · 4 times stronger than ordinary glasses · Increased edge crack resistance · Shape fitted to the rounded 3D edges · 92%25 light transmission (crystal clear image) · Protects the entire screen surface (Edge-to-Edge) · Smooth and responsive finger slide · Compatible with fingerprint reader (if available) · Only 0.33mm thick · Compatible with protective case