Dux Ducis Panda Xiaomi Pad 5/5 Pro pink

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Child-friendly form and fully advanced device protection - the Dux Ducis Panda tablet case meets the needs of toddlers and parents. It enables the youngest users to play, learn and transport the device safely. A shape loved by children The housing is closed in the shape of an eye-pleasing toy cuddly toy, it is pleasant to the touch and comfortable to use. Retractable "legs" of the panda are also a stand that allows you to use the equipment in a standing position - for example to watch fairy tales. Non-toxic material Adults will surely appreciate the fact that it is made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). Its use guarantees no allergic reactions in the young user. The smooth, flexible surface is also easy to care for. Just remove it from the device and place it under a stream of running water. Safety of use Pleasant to the touch, flexible material is not only shock resistance and device cover, but above all safety for the young user. There are no sharp, protruding edges that could lead to cuts. Perfect fit Perfectly matched cutouts guarantee comfortable use of tablets. In this respect, the Dux Ducis Panda case is in no way inferior to the accessories intended for an adult user. Specification Material: EVA Weight: 213 g Dimensions: 260 x 223 x 29 mm