Joyroom Crystal Series Apple iPhone 12 clear (JR-BP854)

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Joyroom Crystal Series durable phone case for iPhone 12 (JR-BP854) The phone case by Joyroom Crystal Series will let you take care of your device in a stylish way. A perfectly transparent finish combined with subtle decorations will make your phone look very attractive. The case is made of silicone and PC fabric for top protection, is skin-friendly and fits the palm perfectly. The thicker edges secure the device against scratching. Specification:  Brand: Joyroom Type: Protective case for phone Material: silicone and PC Thickness: 1,8 mm Compatible devices: iPhone series 12 Content of the set: 1 x protective case for phone Major features: Perfectly transparent Subtle decorations Very light and thin Thicker edges around screen Stylish look of your mobile phone This case will make you stand out. Subtle but very stylish decorative items beautify your phone. A perfectly transparent material underlines an original color of your device. The case is very light and thin - only 1,8 mm thick. Effective protection Your mobile phone is successfully protected in case of impact or fall. Absorption arises from combination of two materials: flexible silicone and solid PC. The phone is secured not only against cracking but also scratching – this results from thicker edges around the screen which separate it from rough surfaces. Comfortable use Precise holes for earphone and charging ports assure high comfort of use. The fabric used is pleasant to skin and stabilizes phone in your hand.