UGREEN 2.5D Tempered Glass Case Friendly Apple iPhone 12 mini clear

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2x Ugreen 2.5D Tempered Glass durable 9H tempered glass for the phone screen Extremely durable 9H tempered glass by Ugreen. It will protect each screen from damage in the event of a fall. The glass absorbs the energy generated by the impact and spreads it over its surface. Thanks to this, only the applied glass breaks, not the entire display. The cost of replacing this gadget is incomparably less than installing a new display! It is located in an elegant, rigid manufacturer's packaging, which prevents damage during transport. The set includes cloths to clean the LCD screen and stickers to get rid of dust particles. Brand: Ugreen Hardness: 9H New, originally packed Extremely resistant to impacts and scratches Without the use of glue Easy to assemble The box includes a kit for self-assembly of glass